Just another day

I know, I know. It’s been a while since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been busy. Well, that and, in all honesty, life in New Zealand is just life, except with a few twists that make me smile and remember I am half a world away from home. Things have been good, normal, highlighted by a weekend trip to Hawkes Bay with Todd and Mango. This is wine country of New Zealand. A wonderful getaway where we hit a few wineries, ate yummy food, walked Mango in new places, and learned what a ‘reserve’ wine is. Wanna know? A reserve wine is from the first press of the grapes. The rest of the wines (the cheaper ones) are made from the next press (or presses) of the grapes so have more flavor of the skin and tannins. Interesting, huh? Well, for us winos it is. I guess it may be important to mention at this point that my beverage diet consists of coffee, water, and wine. In that order. On a daily basis. Pretty predictable. Here’s my favorite photos from our weekend in Hawkes Bay.


Mango loves those sheep!

Check out more fun photos from our weekend away here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23078002@N04/sets/72157606536685061/

My other big trip was off to South Africa – yes, again! Another conference in Cape Town. This time an international meeting on Albatrosses and Petrels. It was a good conference, small and full of interesting talks. Unfortunately, I was sick. Sick sick. Thankfully I spoke on the first day of the conference because I just went downhill after that. Finally my fever broke and I stopped coughing, shivering and sniffling. Just in time to head off on holiday with my parents. We drove along the Garden Route, the southern coast of South Africa. Did some lovely hiking and spied about 25 southern right whales jumping for their lives. Amazing. Then it was off on Safari in the Sabi Sands region near Kruger. An experience full of breathtaking surprises and beautiful sights. Yes, I took tons of photos which I am now weeding through. I will post them as soon as they are ready. But, as a teaser, here ya go:


One response to “Just another day

  1. can’t wait for all the safari pics.

    mango’s love of sheep interests me. Ian (boyfriend) is a huge dog person–and he’s just now helping me see the differences between hunting and herding breeds, and the manifestations in behavior.

    love and miss you
    we’ll be in miami dec 22-29. you, perhaps?

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