The photo says it all. Mango got out of jail and could not wiggle fast enough. She was ecstatic to get beyond those four walls and her sniffer went wild. On the ride home it was hard to get her head in the window. She had so many new scents to smell. I quickly took her to Queen Elizabeth Park, a park along the Kapiti coast where dogs can roam off leash and enjoy the sand and surf. Mango loved it. I loved watching Mango love it.  


Mango has been home for 1 week now and, as cheesy as this is to say, I feel complete again. She has been such a big part of my life for the past 9 years that having her again just feels right. Todd thinks our cottage is too small for the pup and us, but I think its fine. We are a cozy, happy family now!  We’ve been enjoying sunrise walks through the Wellington town belt (park area behind out house). Mango scampers along trails as we wonder around, up hills to lookouts, down hills through trees, finding news trails, some passable, some impassable. Then Mango sits at home (on our couch or on our bed ) and waits for us to get home from work. Then, this time in the dark, we walk another fun walk through the trails. Mango seemed tired on her first few walks. I guess I would be too after sitting on my duff in one room for 30 days. But, she is finding her stride again very quickly. Tonight we went on a walk (in a rain driven gale!) and came across a hedgehog. Mango was so cute with it. Sniffing it, nudging it. Could not quite figure it out. The cute hedgehog just walked along, until finally it had enough of Mango and curled up into a ball. Spikes sticking outward. I dragged Mango away before things got pokey. I am sure there are going to be a lot of ‘firsts’ for mango ahead. Last night Mango met Floyd. Floyd is a fox terrier that Janey (our landlady) just got. The meeting could not have gone better. They ran around, chased each other, played, barked, hide from each other. It was wonderful. So I am hoping in the near future we can just leave Mango outside in the yard during the day when we are off at work, and Mango and Floyd can have the run of the yard. Mango has never lived in a house with a large, fenced to hang out in. I think this will be great!


My mom asked an interesting question: Does Mango bark with a different accent than the NZ dogs? Got me thinking: Maybe the scents Mango smells have a different ‘accent’? I think this is quite likely. What do you think?


In other news (and there is not too much to note besides losing 2 soccer games in a row that I was supremely frustrated about!) we went to the Banff film festival. This was not in Banff, Canada, although when a friend invited me to go with her I did think she was asking me to travel to Banff with her. Anyway, each year the Banff film festival shows films (home-made to professional) related to outdoor activities. The best of the festival are selected and go on tour around the world, making a stop in Wellington. For about three hours we watched inspiring, bizarre and extreme activities like heli-skiing, wild river kayaking, rock climbing studs, uni-cycling mountain biking, ice-climbing in deserted mines, ‘trial’ mountain biking. Some truly cook stuff. In particular, I learned about Chris Sharma, the current king of rock climbing. He was cool, laid-back, focused, amazing, beautiful and pulled and pushed himself up some ridiculous cliff faces. Google him when you are bored. For a taste of the film festival check out this youtube video: If you have a chance to see it ever I totally recommend the time.


Ok, time for dinner, sleep and up early to watch the semis of EURO 2008. If you have not been watching, WATCH! It has been some fine football.


2 responses to “FREEDOM!!!!

  1. I’ve been thinking of you lots and wanting to email, Torres. You keep moving forward so beautifully. I guess “duff” is “rump” over there, and you’ve just blended in so seamlessly that you no longer feel a need to translate for us.

    And you think like a biologist. Your musings about the world (not anthropomorphizing your dog; wondering about his world through his nose) is a learned skill.

    I love you so much. Life’s good here. Ian and I went to New Orleans (see a few pictures if you scroll down here )
    and have made five more trips in the coming months. He’s a traveler, so he’ll get me off my lazy duff.

    I love you.

  2. Free at last! Welcome home Mango. We all miss you – all of you. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job posting.
    Kai just had his 4th birthday party today – superheros everywhere…
    We came home after, dressed in red – and chanted in Spanish only viva Espana…And our “cousin” Torres put the ball in the net beautifully.

    All our love to you Todd and Mango – lets get skype running again…

    ps – any pic’s of the birds with you or todd close by to get a perspective on size?

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