NC in Brief

Our trip back to NC was a wonderful whirlwind. But, as they say, I need a vacation from my vacation. For lack of time and energy this list will have to suffice as a concise description of the trip:


Celebratory – Duke graduation, all of us in cap & gown reminded me of Harry Potter (where’s my broom?); photos, hugs and kisses galore; hooded by Andy; family smiles; Pride – of myself and my friends and colleagues (Way to go gang! Kelly, Vicki, Caroline, Zoe, Matt, Gary).


Fun –  beach moments with the family, brother boogie boarding, Ale’s magic show , friends at the beach house (hot-tub with Zoe, the ping-pong challenge), a lookout ultimate win in league play, friends and beer at backstreet , friends and fried food at the James, laughing with my grandma about gray hair, romping with the kids, family boat ride on Russamee to Jarrett Bay for a haul-out (adventurous hiccups along the way included), soccer on the beach with Kai (my budding pro nephew), dreaming of the future with Gretchen, walking along the crystal coast beach with my mom and dad.


Hectic – balancing friends, family and boat stuff; Yes, we are putting our beloved ‘Russamee’ on the market – a sad, hard but necessary decision.


Bitter sweet – Amazing and heartwarming to see everyone again. But, having to leave again with no plans to return is hard to take. Visit us! Please! At least write.


One response to “NC in Brief

  1. loved your “chicken crossed the road” email this morning. I love your love for mango. Congrtaulations on graduation. Life procedes fine here. Think of you all the time. I dream of you a few times a week. Actually.

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