A Kiwi Mango

We returned to Wellington on a beautiful, sunny day. A nice welcome home treat for us, but more importantly, the sun welcomed Mango to New Zealand with a smile. 


Mango survived the trip over. Trembling and scared she got into her crate in at RDU in NC and was thrilled to see Todd and I at LAX on the other end. We spent a day in LA with more vet visits (harmless) and a few walks and naps to recover. Mango was “sealed” in her cage at 3pm on Monday by a USDA official and that was the last we saw of her. Mango was much calmer getting in her cage this time around, which made us very happy to see. She did not shake and after a minute she laid down. She looked at me with those big brown eyes, asking me what’s going on and telling me she was not sure about all this. I told her she was a smart, brave dog and she would be ok. I told myself that too.


I received updates of Mango’s travels to Auckland, Wellington and up to quarantine, but could not see her again until I visited her in quarantine on Thursday. When I walked into her room, she looked a bit scared/timid. But then she recognized me and went into wiggle-mode. We nuzzled for a long time. We were both very happy to see each other. I am sure she was very relieved to know she was not abandoned or lost. Soon after our reunion she drank a lot of water and then went to the gate. She wanted to leave, or at least expected me to take her on a walk. It was hard to say no. I requested some food be brought into her which they did and she ate that too. They said she ate a bit before but I knew she would eat more with me there.  Mango can’t leave her concrete 15’ X 15’ room for 30 days and she does not like to ‘go’ where she lives. But, they told me Mango had gone to the bathroom in her room so that’s good. I was worried she would try and hold it forever! Her room is nice, with a good view. She listens to birds chirp and the other dogs bark. When the cats meow next door she perks her ears and sniffs under the door. So, she is somewhat entertained. She looked good. She was a bit itchy. Maybe from dry skin or allergies or just adjusting to a new climate. We ate lunch together, I read some of my book, we chatted and snuggled, I took some photos, and Mango took a brief nap as I rubbed her back. When it came time for me to leave she gave me that look of guilt and despair we all know. After I closed the door, Mango pawed at it and then went to the outside area and barked. I am sure she was trying to remind me to take her with me. “Don’t leave me!” Heartbreaking. I told her I would be back in 2 days. She did the hard part and now just has to do the boring part. 3 days down, 27 to go. View more photos of Mango in quarantine here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23078002@N04/sets/72157605203773970/


One response to “A Kiwi Mango

  1. Oh. my. God. I don’t know how my dog nor I would handle such an ordeal. Sarah flips out when I go to the men’s room if I take her to the Brewhouse patio.

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