Thank God for Jon Stewart. And, thank God the Kiwis love Jon Stewart. The Daily Show is on the telly Tuesday through Friday night here. It is off by one night from the States but that is still pretty current considering the time difference. Plus, it’s on one of the 4 public (non-cable) channels we get in through the aerial antenna. It’s hard staying in touch with current events in the States. We read the papers and internet news but you just can’t get that human aspect feeling, political satire, or public reaction from printed news stories. But Jon gives me all that and more! Especially in an election year, and one as big as this with so much humor wrapped up in all the pomp and ego. Oh, the laughs! And to think I am sharing them with you all who are watching too (only a little bit of a time-lag). Thanks to Jon I don’t feel like I am 6,000 miles away from the political humor I love. Thank you, Jon. You bring me home every night I watch.


So, tonight I sit home alone, sipping wine, making chocolate chip banana bread, and writing this silly blog. Where, you may ask, is that handsome husband on mine? Well, scampering around the Southern Alps of New Zealand’s beautiful south island. Lucky bastard! ‘Tis true. GNS sent him and his office mate off to fix 4 seismic monitoring stations around the Franz Josef glacier. They flew off today, drove to the area, are spending the night in a holiday lodge, eat and drinks out, TOMORROW WILL FLY AROUND THE AREA IN A HELICOPTER THAT WILL DROP THEM AT THE 4 SITES (THIS IS WHAT TOURISTS PAY $500 EACH TO DO)!!!!!, come home tomorrow night. All expenses paid. Do I sound jealous? I am. But, I am also really happy for Todd. He came over here with no prospects and found this great job where he gets paid to travel around the country and work with his hands. Jealous too at times like this. He better take lots of photos! I’ll share them with you all later.


The Wellington United Originals had another victorious game on Sunday. We played an above average team from Stokes Valley. Although we dominated early on, they put the first ball in the net and went up 1-0. We tied it up before halftime and then got our act together in the second half. I put us up 2-1 when I beat my mark and hit a shot to the right upper 90. My teammates followed suite to give us a 5-1 win by the end of the game. It was great to see us come back so solidly from being down a goal. It was the best half of football I’ve been a part of in a long time. Lots of sweet passes, heads up play, solid defense, and I was dribbling past everyone! Felt good. My coach even credited me with POTD (Player of the day). Check out photos by Todd here:


So, the best news I have is that I’m coming home! Three days from right now Todd and I will be on the first leg of our long flight back to NC. This trip has really snuck up on me. I had been so focused on getting settled here that this trip just seemed so far off in the distance. But, about a week ago, it occurred to me that the trip is around the corner. Now I can’t wait! To see my puppy dog and snuggle in her sweet, soft fur. To hug all my family and friends. To laugh with Gretchen. To confide in my mom. To chatter with my Grandma. To learn from my Dad. To play ultimate with Lookout. To drink a few beers with Lookout at Backstreet after playing ultimate. To lay in the warm sun on the beautiful crystal coast beach. To play with my niece and nephew. To see and touch our beautiful Russamee. And, to formally (and finally) graduate from Duke University. So many good times ahead. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the goodbyes. Last time I said goodbye I knew I was coming back. Now, there are no plans to go back. No newness to distract me back in New Zealand. Winter is settling in here too. I fear a harder and lonelier time ahead for me. A harder round of goodbyes then the last. But I am so looking forward to the hellos!


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