Todd’s big Kiwi Style 4-0!

Yes, it happened, Todd turned 40. Hard to believe that my young spirited hubby is now 40. Except for the gray hair, you’d never know. He certainly keeps me on my toes – mentally and physically. And, I do believe him to be a bit wiser everyday.


So, Todd celebrated his day in perfect Todd style. Slept in a bit, but not too much. Had a delicious brekkie of potatoes, bacon, eggs, veggies and cheese. Yum! Then went sailing with his new friends, Josh and Merewyn, on their 24 foot boat. I stayed home and baked Todd a chocolate birthday cake – from scratch no less. I made a complete mess for sure, but it actually turned out pretty good. Todd likes it anyway. J Good thing I cleaned up before he got home.


We had made plans to meet up for dinner and a night out on the town with David, my supervisor at NIWA, his wife Sarah (also works at NIWA) and their friend and colleague Richard Phillips who was visiting from the UK. Our plan was for dinner and then for some musical entertainment. Todd picked the best-reviewed Italian restaurant he could find in town, Scopa, with excellent pizzas! Todd also found out that a well-known New Zealand DJ group called Pitchblack was playing at a bar/club called Sandwiches in downtown Wellington. Downloads of their website sounded great, so we went for it. Give a listen here: However, no start time was on the tickets I bought, nor on the Sandwiches website. So, I naively assumed that the music would start at around 10. Seemed reasonable to me for a Saturday night. Oh, how out of touch I felt when Todd’s sailing buddy Josh told him the show started at midnight! If only I’d known, I would have napped!


 Our drinks and dinner ran long with a very enjoyable evening of discussion that ranged from water resource wars to the dress habits of women relative to their menstrual cycle. The pizza and food was superb, and Todd and I picked up a coffee after dinner to keep us going for a while. We headed to the show and mingled with the hip and cool while waiting for the show to start. In fact, the music did not start until 1am when three, ultra-cool rockers stepped on stage – one with day-glow orange spiked hair. The club was packed, light strobes spun and flashed, steam sprayed from vents (chokingly sometimes), and the music pumped. To be honest, I have never been to a show like this before. I think the music would be best described as Electronica. At the beginning of the show they asked the ready crowd, “Are you ready for the Pitchblack experience?” and I have to say it was an experience indeed. Purely original beats and grooves. Computer generated lightshow. Surrounded by fine men and women thumping, stomping, shaking and moving to all the rhythms. I wondered two things throughout the show: (1) What would my grandma think of this music? Would she even consider this music? (2) What will music be like when I am 80? How can I even begin to consider the evolution of music?


Around 3am I started to fade (well maybe a bit before truthfully). Todd chivalrously accompanied me in a cab home to our cottage where we ate big slices of chocolate birthday cake and fell sound asleep, the distant beats of Pitchblack still ringing in our ears.


Pictures from the evening can be seen here:


One response to “Todd’s big Kiwi Style 4-0!

  1. happy birthday, Sir T. I love the look of the cake. Umbrellas make the mood.
    LGT, if I had heard the show started at midnight, I would have told Todd it was the thought of the tickets that counted.
    good for you for going.
    missing you,

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