NZ Ultimate

This past weekend I played in the NZ Ultimate National tournament. As you can imagine, today I am very sore. Quads and arms are especially stiff. And my neck is sore, I think due to whiplash from laying out. But, it’s the good kind of sore, knowing I played hard and had a good time. We finished third. Saturday was nasty weather. It just poured all day. In the afternoon, the breeze blew in and compounded our sponge-like wetness with chilly-ness. Not too much fun. Sunday was better, drier at least. I mainly played a handler position which was ok but I would have liked to play down field a bit more. I had some good layout Ds and grabs. The side lines always love that. 🙂 The competition level of the women’s teams was pretty good. The team that won was from Christchurch and I would say they could give any women’s team in the states a good game. They had some really impressive players and skill level. On the men’s side, the finals were between Auckland and a team from Australia. The ozzy team won handedly in the finals. A really strong squad. so fast! quick throws. fast running. amazing layout bids every point. So, it was a blast to watch. I have to admit that it was a bit strange for me to be at a tourney and not really knowing anyone. But, already I am getting into the scene and learning who people are and people seem to remember me too. It’s a small scene down here. The women’s scene here is very supportive of each other. Really good spirit. Although the quality of play is pretty high, I think ultimate is in it infancy here and teams/clubs are just getting their act together, getting organized, and recruiting players. So, the fact that there were 6 women’s teams at the tourney, all pretty strong, was an achievement. Our team from Wellington was pretty good. I would say better then Wahine and near Backhoe skill. Anyway, its fun to see ultimate in a new light, New Zealand light. I still miss Lookout Ultimate a lot. I just don’t get the  same vibe, but how can I ever replace a team full of my best friends?


Now its on to soccer season. Games every sunday. Should be interesting….


One response to “NZ Ultimate

  1. you are amazing, torres. post us some ultimate pics.

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