A kiwi-life

Sunday, 24 February, 2008 

Todd and I have finally settled a bit in Wellington. We have moved into our “garden cottage”. We love it. It’s a great location. Located in Newtown, it’s close to where I work, close to town and is located right next to the ‘town belt’, the area of Wellington that is forested and has wonderful walking, running and biking paths. This is it (with our bike’s pictured too):  The East Cottage  And the view from our front door: Todd and the view from our cottage Here’s Todd welcoming you up the path to our cottage: Todd on the path to our cottage  So where are we? We’ll zoom in. Here’s Wellington, located in the south tip of the North Island: Where’s Wellington?  As we zoom in we can see where our cottage is relative to where I work (NIWA), town, and the town belt:  Wellington City view. And finally, you can see our cottage tucked away. We live in the east cottage. One of two gardeners cottages built in the 1880’s on a larger property. You can see in this photo how we are off the main roads which makes it a quite hide-away. We hear only birds and insects chirping, not buses, planes, cars screeching, drunk people, etc. Garden Cottage in Newtown. Over the past week we have been outfitting our place with everything. I mean everything: fridge, washer & dryer, dinning table, desk, dresser, bed, couch, our bikes, coffee maker, and I am sure more to come. All bought through trademe: new zealand’s equivalent to ebay or craig’s list. In fact, Todd has been slightly obsessed lately with getting the deals on trademe. And he has done a fanstatic job. Here he is, hard at work at our new table: Todd at work in our cottage. You can see the fruits of his labor in these photos of our place: Living room and stairs up, Bedroom. We live in Newtown, known as the most cosmopoliton, international, hip area of wellington. We like it too. Lots of good places to eat, produce shops, a butcher, a few pubs and cafes. We are finding our way around. Here’s a shot of town:  Newtown.

 Friday night we walked the town belt path to downtown wellington to see a flick at a very cool, old, refurbished theater – where Lord of the Rings premiered. HUGE screen, great sound and you could bring in beer, wine or ice cream as you watch the flick. cool. Saturday we rounded up some more furniture in the morning and went for a walk in the afternoon. We took the town belt south and walked to the south coast. Walking here (and biking) has taken on new meaning. Wellington should really be called Hillington. Its all ‘up and down, up and down, up and down….’ I sure feel like I am getting in shape. 🙂 Not to mention how we are getting more used to driving and biking on the left. Good thing too, since they drive like crazies here! It was a great walk, starting in town, walking through the hills and ending up at the coast. Here are a couple photos of the walk and Wellington but go to my flickr site to see the whole bunch: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23078002@N04/sets/72157603968942504/ Leigh and Todd in Houghton Bay, Island Bay. The rest of our weekend has been filled with some culture as an International Arts festival has just kicked off here. Today we biked to town and visited the Te Papa, New Zealand’s big beautiful national museum, and then watch the Wellington symphony place movie scores in a park. Then I biked off to ultimate practice in the rain. Pretty good weekend. I am definately feeling more like a local and less like a visitor but things are still new and different. Even the language can be a stumbling block sometimes, strange words take the place of common words. Like ‘trapezium’. That’s ‘trapeze’ to you and me. 😉


6 responses to “A kiwi-life

  1. love it! this will be great for keeping up with you. we miss you so much!
    kelly and jer

  2. Hey Leah and Todd,
    Glad to hear you guys are settling in over there and I hear that you are playing some mean frisbee Leah! Your place looks awesome (does it have a guest sofa?) and it sounds like kiwiland is full of good stuff! Good luck with the ongoing acculturation- I, for one, feel the need to use the word ‘trapeze’ at least daily.

  3. Thanks so much for giving us a window into your life — I love being able to “see” where you work, play, eat, and even sleep. Makes me feel much closer!
    The ocean, hills, gardens and city views are beautiful.
    We’ll be there soon!
    I love you both!

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you’ve set this blog up. I’ll be checking in all the time. Congrats on finding a home. I hope Mango knows how hard you worked for her lovely self.

  5. Hey guys! It’s so fun to hear about all of your adventures! I think the blog is a great idea and I can’t wait to hear more! Love ya, Michelle

  6. You do not kow me, but I got your blog from Dana.I lived in Auckland for 5 years long long time ago. Kiwis definitelly drive like crazy and Auckland is full of “round-abouts” If you do not push your way through you can spend a week standing there, trying to get in the traffic. Enjoyed your experiences.Kiwis are great people but no Aloha Spirit on the road.

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