G and her car bomb line-up

G and her car bomb line-up

Originally uploaded by Leigh Torres

3 February 2008

Choices can be hard, especially when faced with a decision between what’s comfortable and what’s new and exciting. Leaving Beaufort was hard. It’s really the only place I ever would have considered home (besides where I grew up in Miami). And it’s certainly the only place where I felt part of the community, part of a family. My friends were family. Are family. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the phat going away party that Gretchen and Chad threw for us. Click on Gretchen’s car bomb line-up for more photos of the bittersweet night of more good memories.

But, here I sit in Wellington, New Zealand. A half a world away. Called here for a job that I hope will justify this big upheaval in my life, Todd’s life and Mango’s life. I start work tomorrow so more details on that to follow. So far we have been on the house hunt. It’s a competitive market over here. Let me explain: We just went to the showing of a townhouse where 30 other people showed up! It’s even more difficult considering we want to have a dog live with us. They are not too into dogs here and we have encountered some interesting responses when we ask if a dog can live with us. But we did look at a sweet place this morning with incredible views so we are keeping our fingers crossed for that.

Otherwise, we have been learning a lot about Rugby. Wellington’s biggest yearly event, The Sevens, just occurred. It’s an international rugby tournament with only seven players aside, but the same size field, shorter game times (14 mins). We watched a bunch on TV which was fun and enlightening but the best part have been the crowds. For some reason, people dress up in all sorts of crazy, sexy, funny outfits – mostly group outfits – and parade around town for this event. It’s like Halloween. I don’t quite see the connection between costumes and rugby but it’s been entertaining. We are currently staying in an apartment right in the city so it’s been a festival lately. Especially the huge, thunderously loud party last night after the New Zealand All Blacks won the tourney! This has been a good introduction into a kiwi lifestyle of drinking, partying and rugby.

Funny enough, an old friend that I’ve known since I was 5 lives here. She invited us to a friend’s BBQ yesterday. It was in someone’s backyard and really not to different from our BBQs back home, except no pig pickin’ or ice louge and everyone sat on blankets on the ground. We managed to make a few friends and have some laughs.

So this is my first attempt at a blog. So far it seems easy. Hopefully I’ll find interesting things to chat about every now and then. I’ve been using skype to keep in touch with friends and family back home. That’s been fun. I can even see Mango at my parents place. When Todd and I talk she goes to the door to look for us. Sweet and sad. Anyway, if you are into skyping, call us: leigh.torres

Until later from warm and sunny Wellington,


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